By-Laws Committee


Corporate Management

Sign-up Close Date: Open
Time Commitment: 1 Year Commitment
Travel Required: Travel may be required

The nonprofit bylaws committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the organization’s bylaws, which is the set of rules that guide its operations and activities. The bylaws include the number of directors the organization should have, the roles and responsibilities of the directors and the number and frequency of board meetings. The bylaws typically outline briefly or simply refer to other policies and procedures, such as hiring and conflict of interest policies. If the organization has paid employees, the bylaws may also list the paid positions that exist in the organization and the compensation practices for each position.

This group requires two face to face meetings per year with the first kick off meeting being held in conjunction with NCOFCU's Annual Meeting. Other work is accomplished via regular teleconferences and email. 

Major Committee Responsibilities:

  • The bylaws committee is responsible for gathering and annually reviewing all the information necessary to keep the bylaws relevant to the operation of NCOFCU.

  • Committee members commonly research the bylaws of other nonprofit organizations in the area as well as organizations that do the same type of work. This provides a benchmark for both the industry and the region, giving the committee an idea of how other organizations operate.

  • The committee also gathers all existing organizational policies and procedures for inclusion or reference in the bylaws.

  • Where policies don’t exist, the committee drafts wording to address the issue ahead of approval by the board.

Skills Needed:

Strategic thinkers, ambassadors, creative and out of the box thinkers

Number Of Openings Expected: 3
Level Of Effort: Extensive
No. Of Volunteers Needed: 3

Please Note: NCOFCU volunteers are responsible for covering the costs of their own travel, lodging and expenses to NCOFCU meetings and events. This includes registration costs for events.