The National Council of Firefighter Credit Unions Inc (NCOFCU) Board of Directors, are elected by the membership to serve three-year terms or the remaining years of an existing term, in the event of a vacancy. Prior to the completion of each term, an election must be held to determine who will fill the vacancies. The Secretary of the Board will monitor the election process for compliance with Roberts Rules of Order, and NCOFCU By-Laws.

This Procedure serves as a guideline for the Board Secretary, Nominating Committee, Membership Department, President (CEO).

60 calendar days prior to the Annual Meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will appoint a Nominating Committee of not fewer than three members. This usually occurs at the regular Board of Directors Meeting.

40 days prior to the annual meeting the secretary shall notify in writing all members eligible to vote, that nominations for board of directorspositions are open. Apply HERE

The Nominating Committee will review applications and conduct interviews with the applicants to determine a slate of qualified candidates.

28 days prior to the Annual Meeting at a regular Board of Directors meeting, the Nominating Committee will present their slate of candidates to the Secretary of the Board of Directors — at least one member for each vacancy

Applicants not selected by the nominating committee, on this date, may submit Petitions for vacancies by a Petition signed by 10% of the members with a minimum of 3. Download Petition HERE

20 days prior to the Annual Meeting petitions must be forwarded to the nominating committee for inclusion on the election ballot.

14 days prior to the Annual Meeting electronic voting begins

  7 days prior to the Annual Meeting electronic voting ends

 Annual Meeting Election results announced