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Percy L. Riley Jr.

It is with great honor we name our conference scholarship fund in respect of Percy L. Riley Jr. for the dedication to his credit union and the conference development. The following is a summary of his credit union and his contribution to the development of the conference.

Credit Union
He joined the City of Richmond, Virginia, Bureau of Fire on February 9, 1970 shortly after graduating from Maggie Walker High School in Richmond, VA. He joined the Richmond Fire Department Credit Union Inc. as a member upon his employment with the bureau. Mr. Riley became actively involved with Richmond Fire Department Credit Union credit union while he was assigned to Engine Company # 5. His supervisor, Lt. John Childs was the Secretary to the Board of Directors. Mr. Childs persuaded Mr. Riley to run for the Board of Directors. Mr. Riley was successfully elected in the late 1970’s. He was our chairperson for 25 years from 1982 until November 30, 2007. Percy was instrumental in getting our directors to go against the flow and for getting things accomplished. Percy believed in spending money to make money, seeing what the other folks had to offer and bringing it back to us.

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Firefighters Credit Union Conference

Percy Riley, Jr. (left) attended his first meeting in 2002, and every year thereafter through 2007 in Albuquerque. He brought his daughter and son-in-law with him along with Wallace Garland and Glenn Grooms that year. He was obviously ill, but he came and attended the sessions. He died November 30, 2007. Had he been able to attend future conferences, we are certain he would have. Right from the start, he served on the Advisory Committee and assisted in establishing the idea of a coalition and developing the conference. He was a very kind, caring, and volunteered his time so readily, so that is why we want to honor Percy by naming NCOFCU's conference scholarship fund the "Percy L. Riley Jr. Conference Scholarship Fund".